SmartTouch armrest – easier than your smart phone

The new Valtra SmartTouch armrest with easy-to-use user interface takes the productivity of your tractor to the next level.

SmartTouch with the 9 inch touch screen, the intelligent multiuse drivel lever, new hydraulic joystick and fully integrated technology lighten your workload and give the best and most straightforward experience to manage your working machine.
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Driving with the SmartTouch multifunctional drive lever gives you more flexibility and productivity. The vertical lever allows a very natural hand position when controlling tractor speed by pushing or pulling it.  Your work has never been so easy: with the function buttons you can operate the whole machine without moving your hand.

- Ergonomic and functional design.
- Unique driving experience.
- Forward/reverse lever at the drive lever.
- Two programmable memory buttons for any tractor operation or operations (e.g. U-pilot)
- Two linear levers to control hydraulics.

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The 9-inch touch screen terminal has been designed to be easier and more intuitive to use than a modern smart phone. All the functions on the terminal can be accessed with a maximum of two swipes or taps, and you can always return easily to the default display with the home button. Navigation is logical and settings are automatically saved. All technology functions are integrated into one screen, whether you want to control the Auto-Guide, cameras or ISOBUS.

- No additional screens needed.
- Pleasant display with day, night or auto mode.
- Unique design and architecture with 4 or 1 programmable driving displays.
- Easy to navigate menu.
- Individual profiles for each driver and task.

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There are two programmable memory buttons on the drive lever and one on the touch pad. The memory buttons can be used to save either a single action or a U-Pilot sequence. Any tractor function can be easily programmed using the memory buttons M1, M2 and M3, and all settings are saved automatically in your profiles.

- Quick and easy to program
- Easy to change the usage of the memory buttons according to your profile settings
- On/off or continuous programmable features

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The ergonomically designed and positioned hydraulic joystick can control any hydraulic valve, linkage or front loader. The joystick features a live 3rd function lever on the top that is ideal for controlling new loaders.

- Great ergonomics
- Excellent front loader control
- Precise rear linkage control
- Proportional and programmable

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SmartTouch has been designed and engineered in Finland with special focus on ergonomics, user comfort and ease of use. The functional design ensures a secure grip even when driving over rough terrain, and the logical, easy-to-access functions prevent unintentional usage.

The individual materials have been specially selected for the intended purpose and to support the functions. The upholstery is Alcantara for less sweating, and a storage space is located under the cover.

SmartTouch was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2017 and the iF Design Award in 2018.

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The new programmable joystick is the easiest way to control the front loader, but you can also use the live 3rd function lever or any other hydraulic control. The live 3rd function lever on top of the hydraulic joystick enables extremely precise movements.

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